Card Games for 3 players: “You can teach an old dog new tricks”

3 Patti 3 Patti

You will find card games adapted to the number of players you wish to include in your casino card games. Having quite an extended group of friends myself, I always try to find tricks to adapt certain games to a larger crowd. Therefore, I have dedicated this section of my websites to card games, from a 52-deck of cards, that you will be able to play with 2 other friends. Enjoy gamers!

Card games for 3 players

Types with Tricks

Ninety-Nine - bid to win an exact number of tricks

Naughty Nun - as above, but with silly bits

Counterpoint - like 99, but bid to win an exact number of card-points

Farrago - with a different trumping rule at every deal

Triathlon - aim to perform three trick-taking feats

Tracktrick - three-in-a-row quasi-board game requires accurate trick-play

Gooseberry Fool - divide and rule by winning the middling number of tricks

Flunk - it looks rather like three-handed Bridge, but isn't quite...

Colour-blind - decide whether to win red cards or black

Hamlet - a game with supporting roles for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Who's Who - in which you have to discover who your partner is

Welsh Whist - a fun game with lots of Jokers and no cheating (by order)

Tantony - win tricks, then give them away! (better for four)

Anarchy - play as you please and score how you like (best for 4 or 5)

Snark - a wilder version of Anarchy (best for 5)

Bluffing types

3 Card Brag - A single stake game

3 Patti - Indian version of 3 Card Brag

Hearts types

Minimisère - if you can't lose every trick, win as many as possible

Trigami - decide which suit not to win cards of in tricks

Gops types

Throps - a three-player variant of Gops

Bouncers - a sort of cross between Gops and Hearts


Spec - a silly guessing game (or is it ESP?) on a 5x5 grid


Brummy - two-dimensional Rummy with Brag hands

Crummy - Rummy with a trick-type method of play (better for four)

Multiplicity - for players who like to go forth and multiply


Dracula - an arithmetical game with a bloodthirsty count

Prime Time - make primes from three-card combinations

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