Card Games for 3 players: “You can teach an old dog new tricks”

You will find card games adapted to the amount of players you wish to include in your little adventure. Having quite an extended group of friends myself, I always try to find tricks to adapt certain games to a larger crowd. Therefore, I have dedicated this section of my websites to card games, from a 52-deck of cards, that you will be able to play with 2 other friends, enjoy gamers!

Card games for 3 players


Ninety-Nine - bid to win an exact number of tricks

Naughty Nun - as above, but with silly bits

Counterpoint - like 99, but bid to win an exact number of card-points

Farrago - with a different trumping rule at every deal

Triathlon - aim to perform three trick-taking feats

Tracktrick - three-in-a-row quasi-board game requires accurate trick-play

Gooseberry Fool - divide and rule by winning the middling number of tricks

Flunk - it looks rather like three-handed Bridge, but isn't quite...

Colour-blind - decide whether to win red cards or black

Hamlet - a game with supporting roles for Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Who's Who - in which you have to discover who your partner is

Welsh Whist - a fun game with lots of Jokers and no cheating (by order)

Tantony - win tricks, then give them away! (better for four)

Anarchy - play as you please and score how you like (best for 4 or 5)

Snark - a wilder version of Anarchy (best for 5)


Minimisère - if you can't lose every trick, win as many as possible

Trigami - decide which suit not to win cards of in tricks


Throps - a three-player variant of Gops

Bouncers - a sort of cross between Gops and Hearts


Spec - a silly guessing game (or is it ESP?) on a 5x5 grid


Brummy - two-dimensional Rummy with Brag hands

Crummy - Rummy with a trick-type method of play (better for four)

Multiplicity - for players who like to go forth and multiply


Dracula - an arithmetical game with a bloodthirsty count

Prime Time - make primes from three-card combinations

If your wondering where poker fits into all of this, then you're just going to have to click here