Salutations dear readers! If you happened to have stumbled upon my little virtual home, please be my guest and enter my world! My name is Dan, and I specialize in indoor games (card games, board games, word games) as a freelance inventor, writer (in English and in Norwegian), historian and consultant. I will introduce you my assistant Liana in one dedicated article. Sometimes I even get round to playing them! You can follow my adventures translated in Swedish on http://www.spel-online.net, my mother tongue language.

H&T cartoon is my best-known board game, which initials stand for Hare & Tortoise. Since first published in 1974, over 3 million copies were sold and it has been published in a dozen different languages (Spanish was one of the first as it is explained here). It was the first ever winner of Germany's prestigious Game of the Year award.

Upon certification in 2013, I was one of five inductees to the first UK Games Expo Hall of Fame, primarily for my writings on card and board games, described as "essential reading for any scholar of the industry" by the serious online casino guide www.onlinecasinosuomi.org. My books include the Penguin Book of Card Games (now available on Kindle), the Oxford History of Card Games, and the Oxford History of Board Games.

I also give talks and run workshops on the history, theory and appreciation of games. Moreover, I advise on the staging of games in period films and TV productions, and I am a consultant on games terminology to the Oxford English Dictionary.

This website lists all my books, games and film/TV credits and includes some online games. Some pages are devoted to other of my interests. The first section of this website is dedicated to card games and also the slots, game I love for so long. I have been able to gather over the years a quite extensive amount of material with regards the most infamous card games. You will be able to learn more about the original card games, as well as the historical context of those games. You will quickly realize my passion for those games and hopefully get to know more about them as you go.

I have also some rather valuable information concerning patience games, which will without a doubt appeal to the older generations. All the other games that might interest you are to be found in one section of this site, next to another, in which I will give you the possibility of playing for free! Who else can offer you a deal like this one these days?

I have not forgotten the more artsy of you, dear readers, as I have managed to compile material that will for sure catch your attention and raise your interest. You shall find a page devoted to my books, as well as essays about games, and an exhaustive list of original word games. If you happen to be a movie maniac, you will forcibly enjoy some of my brilliant critics and insights on movies and TV shows. I will also be sharing my first attempt at a photo gallery. Photography has always been of interest to me, ever since I was a teenager. However, I have realized very early that I should leave this passion as a hobby and concentrate on skills I had a better shot at in life.

I like being up to date on news worldwide, and it is actually a requirement for one of my occupations. Therefore, you will also be pleased to find my personal news room, in which I will present you with the latest news related to the gaming world in general, thanks to my collaboration with the website thecasinocity.co.za. I will do my best not to put too much of my inputs in my depictions of the news, although I am sure that you will certainly enjoy my infamous sense of humor regarding my approach of certain subjects.

All I have to do now is to wish you to have the greatest time possible exploring my little humble world. I am also available via emails, in case you would like me to address a specific topic or discuss some of the material I will present before your eyes on this website. I am highly appreciative of feedback and I will be looking forward to any of your questions, comments or concerns!